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More Packs To Drain Your Wallet!!! – Air Jordan 2009 – Hall of Fame Pack

Air Jordan 2009 Hall of Fame Pack

(^^^dude… what the hell^^^)

Air Jordan Six (6) Rings Hall of Fame

(^^^ a little better, but not by much^^^)


(^^^AJ 1 looks… interesting^^^)

Okay… ummmmm… I love the idea for this project. The pack currently consists of 4 sneakers – the AJ1,  AJ 3, AJ 2009, and the Six Rings.

It is sort of obvious why those particular sneakers were chosen. The Six Rings is more obvious, as well as the AJ 1 (first Air Jordan), and the AJ III (if you know some of the Jordan history, you will know that the AJ III almost didn’t happen). But the AJ 2009 seems a little bit of an odd pick. Other than being the last Air Jordan made, I don’t find the connection to the Hall of Fame very light ESPECIALLY since the last Air Jordan doesn’t carry a number after it, it carries the year it came out.

That ends the good news about this pack.

And now the bad news:

napoleon Says:
June 18th, 2009 at 11:51 am

oh god, no more. please stop. for hall of fame editions, these are the best they came up with. please stop.
that stiching white is not hot, neither is the V design with the lame diamond shape hologram, air jordan 13 perfected that with the circle.

the sole the best looking part of the shoe.

I think that comment from sums it up, but it gets worst.

Comment by CHICAGOBULLS June 24th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
I for one am disappointed with all the HOF shoes. This was JB’s chance to get the love back from their customers and make an epic package of all packages as you can see was what they were trying to do but in the end came out as a complete fail. 0-3 with 1 possible instant classic(AJIII) is just not enough I mean this is the HALL OF FAME package this is a huge thing because everyone knew MJ was going to make it we were just waiting. SMH


I think that sums up most people are saying (a little more than half from what I count in the comments from all of my favorite sneaker sites). The comments don’t change much whether you are on or KicksOnFire, SneakerNews or  TheShoeGame and that is that there are many negative comments on these 3 pair… now when you start talking about the HOF (hall of fame) Pack AJ III people start loving the idea of it… but me, I need to see these AJ III HOF sneakers before I say I want them.

I think the Hall of Fame PACK should be:

The 6 Rings
The AJ23 (YES I need another pair of 23’s!!!)
The AJ1
The AJ3
The AJ11
The Spiz’ike (those MARS commercials cemented Air jordan as the sneaker to get)

The AJ 2009 is a great performance sneaker (so I hear) but it has as of yet to come up with a colorway reflective of this and still sits on the save-a-sneaker program. My picks based mostly on looks, style and lastly performance  because, lets face it, I am not playing basketball in these things… ok maybe one pair… so I am going for looks and style and history and the sneakers that they picked (as well as the ones I like) do the job.

At any rate, the 4 pair that are part of the pack make sense, are historic and are either pure performance (AJ 2009) or pure style (AJ1 and 6 Rings). The AJ III holds both performance and style but it is more on the style side.

Can’t wait to see just how much all of this will cost as well as more detailed photos of the pack on the whole. Maybe better pics will help the nevatives on some of the sneaker in the pack… only time will tell.

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