The Life and Culture of Kicks

UnderArmour Make Its Way To Basketball

Under Armour Young Money Brandon Jennings BB

(will the be the beginning of a new player on the court)

Under Aurmor is trying its luck in the basketball area. Now you know Nike dominated the basketball areana, but the biggest thing UA got going for it is that its for the “true atheletes” who really want to perform. In other words if you got UA on, you are really into staying in shape (and by the way, don’t mess with me because I wil beat the crap out of you… yeah, I am THAT healthy)

The question I have is that will that same strategy work on the court? I like the way it looks, and I don’t have many questions about performance because…. well, its Under Armour, of course it performs lol… but I think AU needs to brng better game if its wants to break into the basketball area. This looks is cool, but I think they need a knock out looks that performs. This aint it, but I don’t doubt that they will come up with something that is just straight heat.

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