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Holy Grail Gets Ransacked – Sneakerblogs Comment Sections Go Wild About Pic

Holy Grail Looted by Riots

(the picture seen all over the sneaker internet)

Look at that picture above. This picture caused a riot on a few sneaker blog comment sections and good lawd the comments ranged from racism to crime and punishment to… well just racism lol


(support the re-opening of The Holy Grail)

First lets look at the interview that Nicekicks did with the owner of The Holy Grail.

Matt: How did the crowd break into the store? Was the glass smashed?

Liz: The crowd tried to break the glass, but was unsuccessful. They broke in by breaking the locks at the bottom of the doors. According to accounts from people who witnessed it all happen, the crowd was chanting “We want shoes! We want shoes!.”

Matt: You mention “the crowd”. How many people were gathered in front of your store attempting to break in?

Liz: When I talked to the police, they said that there were a minimum of 150 people trying to get in.

Matt: How long after the store was broken into did you arrive?

Liz: I really am not too sure. Everything seems like it happened so quickly. When I arrived, the police were there. In fact one of the officers told me that they were scared to go in while the mob was looting the store. They just had to let them do what they wanted to do.

They took everything. Just plain everything. We have only 20 shoes left and all are damaged with boxes destroyed in the mess. Two computers that were at the front were taken and burned. They destroyed all but the window glass.

Unbelievable.  Full interview here. Was there a reason to burn stuff? And why was their not police already on the scene just in case their was a riot?

Then again, this is California and I here that they are having financial problems so maybe they just couldn’t provide the police to handle it.

(The Hundreds speaks with Holy Grail)

(more aboutt what happened and the damage)

Anyway, the comments on what happened and the comments on the picure was crazy!!! No y0u know SOMEBODY was going to notice tht the only people with boxes in thier hands were black.

It sort of went like that for a while. Others pointed out that there are other people in the picture  that are not black, but then others still responded how those other individuals have cameras (of which by the way, I am still waiting to see pics from all these camera men)

What REALLY Boiled My Blood

I expected comments on race, comments on gangs, and other such nonesense, but when people started talking about how THEY would also steal from The Holy Grail too if they had the chance, that just made me incredibly mad.

Can people think about what they are saying for a second? What each and every person who said that they would have also broken into the store and steal sneakers was REALLY saying is that they have no respect for themselves, that they have NO class, and that they must not realize that they are posting comments on a sneaker site (I wish Nicekicks had nested comments so I could directly focus on these individuals).

In the end,  and even the people saying that they too woould take sneakers from the store, they are saying to the world that it is ok to STEAL FROM ME TOO just  as long as you are more powerful than me. Eye for an eye. You steal from me, then it must be ok to steal from you too right?


I was thinking about calling out names and linking to there posts but I think Iwill chill…

Expect a little more about this as I vent… actually expect a nice breakdown of the riot pics wher I see sneakers… lik this on;

Los Angeles Lakers

notice the guy with the sneakers on the right. Interesting…

LA Looting - LA Times


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  1. DJ Franchise here from Know The Ledge. I am hitting up every blogger or sneakerhead that has posted about The Holy Grail that we teamed up with them to get HG back on it feet.

    We (Know The Ledge and Holy Grail) got the date and event nailed down to help Holy Grail build its shoes and customer base back. Stop by on July 19th!

    Thank you for spreading the word.

    More info here:

    July 15, 2009 at 1:42 am

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