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Lo-Tops Get Some Play for Hyperdunks for Spring 2010

Low-top Hyperdunks for Spring 2010

(hmmmmm… as seen on

I am guessing its not just Kobe who are asking Nike to make some professional lo-top basketball sneakers for serious players. I am guessing this because I would have never imagined the Hyperdunk being a lowtop (even though the Kobe IV seems to be some veriation of the Hyperdunk anyway).

One question though, should the colorway that is so exclusive such as the McFly hyperdunk be sold to the general population as a low top?


Nike Hyperdunk Low Spring 2010

(^^^ lo-top looks ok ^^^)

On Nicekicks: Marty McFly Hyperdunk GLOW IN THE DARK

(^^^ McFly Hyperdunk looks way better ^^^)

I bet you thought I was going to say no considering that its such a wanted colorway and its sort of cool to have something that is a little exclusive (and there seems to be no glow in the dark paart of the low-top), but I do believe that the low top version will not take away THAT  much (admittingly it will take omething away from the original hi-top) from the original McFly Hyperdunk.

End of the day: I think these low tops will do just fine on the market. I have never really been into the Hyperdunk (I do love the technology though), but I think I can get with these low tops IF and only IF they come up with a colorway that works. Hyperdunks is currently on my save-a-sneaker list due to the colorways (most sneakers on on the list because of colorways, not so much because of technology), nevertheless these low tops may do better than the hi-tops.

We shall see.

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