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Kobe’s Non_HiTop Sneakers Get A Special Edition

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) - Game 4

(they look… interesting – and yes I want them)

Kobe didn’t break his ankles wearing the non-hitop sneakers, but he sure did break necks scoring like he did and helping to shut down the Magic.

So the Lakers take the grand prize and the magic takes second place. If I was currently doing the S&S Sunday Sports updates, I would tell you that Nike won and adidas lost (but you know this already).

I am still not convinced that the low top basketball sneaker is the way to go, but Kobe sure makes a good case for it.

(isn’t that nice and MATURE of Kobe not to throw it in Lebron’s face?)

(key word here is: Mature… talking to YOU LeBron)

Kobe IV Finals

(clearly collectibles that’s for sure)

I do wonder, now that the Lakers have won, what is next in the sneaker design for Kobe? Will we get another low top? Will it use fly-wire? Zoom Air technology? I look forward to seeing it (especially since I was sort of not too happy about the low top look and still question the performance of them on the court).

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    June 17, 2010 at 8:24 pm

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