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Music Mondays (is BACK!!): Gangsta Rap – House Shoes


(I am sure this video will offend someone… no-flip flops lol)

Formerly Respectable West Coast Rap Label Delicious Vinyl Confounds Faithful Fans By Releasing Gangsta Rap’s The Glockumentary Every musical genre has one artist that defines it. Grunge had Nirvana. Django Reinhardt is synonymous with gypsy jazz. And gangsta rap will forever be equated with N.W.A. Big fuggin’ deal. Has there ever a group bold enough to name themselves after their chosen genre? Get ready busters, because now there is: Gangsta Rap. Meet Murder Mike, Du-Rag, and DJ Ballistics, three house shoes-wearing cronies from Compton



I am ALMOST back to posting at a normal pace (still working on the new website and revanp of this blog) but as I posted on my twitter account, I will be posting some stuff this week and posting at least a few times a week until I get this website thing out the door.  I am hoping by the first full week of July I can get back to posting what I think about stuff (oh and you know I got some rants… just follow me in Twitter or see me in action on My.KicksOnFire)

The 2 things I try to post as often as possible is what’s on sale now (that maybe isn’t getting as much attention) and what is going on in the blog world of sneakers or shoes from all across the internet… what the hell does that mean? It means looking at what some of my favorite sneaker (and shoe) blogs are doing, what’s going on in the culture of footwear, going crazy over the comments that people leave on the sites and way more.

I report, you decide lol

Lets go people and as P. Diddy says, Lock In on your dreams!!!

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