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I’ll Be Starting Wednesday Workout Soon

(geeeeeeeeze this is funny)

(thought I throw a classic at you lol)

Why am I doing this? because I need to start working out… and I think one of the reasons why SOME people by sneakers is to… guess what? work out in them? Go figure. So far the sneaker I have in my arsenal are the Nike Shox, Nike Air Max 360 (rejuvenation), and the adidas Megabounce Mega Burst special addition “Rainbow”.

I actually did a little running in the adidas and I have to say that they really do what they say such that with each step they return some of that energy. I never ran in the 360’s before, but hope to get them a shot tomorrow at the track (but I really got them to walk around in… want to get to 2 miles or 30 minutes 4 days a week walking)

I will be testing out sneakers shortly (especially if Finishline keeps that return a sneaker program going) and I will be having family members testing sneakers (and shoes) shortly as well in the hopes that there can be more than just insane rants on how the sneaker or shoe looks. Now I will have insane rants on how they actually work (or don’t work).

Remember breakfast is really important part of the day LMAO

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