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Converse X JACK PURCELL X Ozzy X Black Sabbath


(ok, it looks like straps are in for 2009)

This isn’t half bad… ok, I am not giving it enough credit, this is pretty good. I like it and I think it works well. Saw it on a site a never heard of until now called Think Contra. I think I will be going there ore often.

One response

  1. I’ve looked up to Converse for some while. A few years ago I feel that as a company they has gone off the boil. For a short time the company’s eye for design wasn’t what it used to be and in my experience, the quality of the manufacture was going south. HAVING SAID THAT, today I feel Converse are the best even though they aren’t the cheapest trainers.

    March 1, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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