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The Nike Vandal High Michigan-72

The Nike Vandal High Michigan-72

(oh I can’t wait to see this… they don’t make it limited)

Here a snippet of what the sneaker is about and when they will release (from

This fall, Nike will be releasing a special pack that pays tribute to the helmets of some of the nation’s most legendary college football teams. This Nike Vandal High is inspired by the program with the most wins in NCAA Division 1-A history, the Michigan Wolverines. The upper features the iconic maize winged stripes that have covered Michigan’s helmets since 1938 and is constructed from super shiny materials that resemble the helmet’s sheen.

Now this is something that’s gonna be real cool to have in your sneaker collection. I love that “sheen” look and its not the over played patent leather that seems to be o every other sneaker. It does look like it will crease like crazy and ain’t no de-creaser formula you got is gonna help lol

By the way, if your supporting the Wolverines (of which lost by the way, if you don’t know), when you get this sneaker, maybe you will want to get this desktop customization gear for your computer. No spyware or adware (used this software since 2002) so your computer is safe. One thing though, if your computer is already infected with a whole bunch of crap, the software won’t work due to a bunch of technical junk I won’t get into here. So make sure you have your anti-visus software, clean up your computer and your good to go.

University of Michigan Desktop

University of Michigan Desktop - Icons

(calenders, icons, windows, a clock, task bars, media player… all changed to match your new kicks)

One response

  1. Jac Click

    Where can i get them at?

    July 6, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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