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Save-A-Sneaker: Air Jordan 2009 (With Promo Video) – White/Black

(probably one of the best designed sneaker out… buy who’s buying them?)

Air Jordan 2009 aka AJ24

I think I saw one person in them since they been out. One person. Now the funny thing is that I didn’t see that many people in the Air Jordan 23’s last year either, but since they were sold out almost everywhere you went, I had to assume that it was because of the following reasons:

  1. The sneaker were so popular that people were afraid to wear them
  2. No one wanted to mess them up, so they didn’t wear them
  3. Hypebeasts bought them up so that they could sell them on eBay for a profit leaving everybody else with stores sold out of merchandise

Nevertheless with the Air Jordan 2009, the sneaker just stays on the store racks. Sizes 7 – 13 are still available at most places. I think these sneakers deserve a review by one of the sneaker blogs out there but its not likely to happen… maybe I will ask and see if one of them will do it, but in the end, the only thing that will save this sneaker is some colorway changes.

AJ2009 Fan Created Colorway: Last Shot

(are you kidding me? Nike/Jordan, please make this colorway!!!)

I have said it before and I will say it again, sometimes a colorway can save – a – sneaker. As many people have commented over the sneakernets, this sneaker looks like it has a heel. And yet  I bet they put their money out for this colorway (or any colorway that has has a classic look or some history behind it). What’s your opinion? Would you get the Air Jordan 2009 if it was in the colorway above?

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