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S&S Sports Sunday: Refs Miss A Timeout, One Small NCAA Player, And A Sign Nazi

Refs miss coach's timeout in finish to Gonzaga-Western Kentucky

Ref miss the timeout call

(would it have mattered??? maybe)

Short Player - Big Heart

She is the shortest player on the team at 4’6″ and SHE GOT GAME

(she wears a size 1 Air Jordan in case you were wondering)

Guard Cold Snatched John  3:16 Poster From Fan

(did you see how he came up on him like in stealth mode and snatched that joint?)

Another week has past and we have some crazy stuff to talk about. For example would have Kentucky had any chance of winning the game if they called the time out with .9 second left? Maybe. The other team won by 2 points so why not? But with both teams wearing  Nike sneakers, I doubt Nike will care lol.

And check out home girl! 4’6″ tall and is not only on the team, she is a starter. You have to watch the video cause you will see she has allot to conquer over than just her hieght. Oh and guys, she has a boyfriend so you can stop thinking about it. I tried to see what Jordans she was wearing but the video wasn’t that clear. Damn, right now women are doing their thing on court and off court these last few weeks.

And did I mention the security guard who straight snatched the poster? I don’t know how many of you guys here are from the 80’s and 90’s but the guys he took it from looked like a herb afterwards…. He got cold jacked son LMAO His body, language looks like “Damn, he took my sign! *starts to cry*”

And then, there was more…

In Smith’s memory, no Lion will wear 93 this fall

The Detroit Lions will retire the number 93 for the 2009 football season in memory of player Corey Smith, one of three men lost when their fishing boat capsized off the Florida Gulf Coast three weeks ago.

Lions player development director Galen Duncan told several hundred mourners in Smith’s hometown church Saturday that Smith’s number would be retired for a year in honor of a player of extraordinary heart and competitive drive.

This is a sad situation. Much like the situation with the football player hitting the pedestrian. I can’t imagine what the family is going through in either case.

In war of words and on court, Memphis beats Vasquez, Maryland

Hyping yourself up is one thing… calling the other team lousy and forecasting the future is another.

Even more sports incidentals…

Anyone noticing that there aren’t as many buzzer beaters for the NCAA tournament? I personally have no idea cause I wasn’t paying attention… I swear these mascots need some serious medical insurance… Who the hell stuffs a golf club down their pants?… If Micheal Vicks place is still up for sale, then what do you think will happen to this place? I can tell you right now it looks better and more manageable than Vick’s 3 story bachelors den ?…Kobe Bryant does Jury Duty and everybody wonders what would have happened if he would have gotten picked… and what the hell is a no defense approach? lol…

Some Sneakers Effected, No Shoes Harmed

Once again we have no shoes harmed. A golf club is stolen but the shoes are still in place. Oh and Kobe Bryant going to Jury dudty only increases his sneakers wealth in my eyes. if i can do Jury Duty, so can he. Period. Oh and Dwane Wade Band-Aid situation from a few weeks ago… well I am hoping this end up being a sneaker  one day.

(For more stuff like this, take a look at my links archive… always adding stuff on sports, sneakers and shoes… and shopping too)

Sports Sunday Sneaker and Shoe Song: Blue Suede Shoes (3:41)

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  1. crazy video! This is the first time I’ve heard of this

    March 23, 2009 at 5:24 am

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