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Video For NIKEiD Hyperdunks

(its nice to see a video of these sneakers)

I am a fan of the Hyperdunks, but not too into how they look. I am sure they play well though and do have a plan on getting them to play in and then I will see for myself, but as far as attractiveness they are just ok too me (except those Marty McFly Hyperdunks… AWESOME!!! Just shows wht a good colorway can do to a sneaker). Putting they Hyperdunk on NIKEiD (just in time for March Madness and April’s playoffs) for personal customization is a good idea. I will be taking advantage of it.

McFly Original Back To The Future Vs. Mcfly Hyperdunk

(the McFly is… fly)

PinkDiamonds2 - NIKEiD Hyperdunk

(my own creation based off of what some guy was wearing in the subway)

(I call it Pink Diamonds by the way… really girly isn’t it?)

Nicekicks has a March Madness of sneakers votes on its website, so give that a look too. I will be posting what I voted for and how LAME everyone who vaoted against me is at a later time lol


PinkDiamonds Wallpaper2

(makes a nice wallpaper, don’t it?)

Thinking I may have a contest on my little ole blog and the winner gets a pair of NIKEiD Hyperdunks in this colorway. Now of course you can make this colorway yourself, but why do that when you could possibly win one for free? And yes, the contest, if I do it, will be open to girls and boys (18 and over unless your parents will pick up the sneaker… US residents only)

One response

  1. AShley

    Can you still get the pink hyperdunks?

    July 17, 2009 at 2:24 pm

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