The Life and Culture of Kicks

S&S Sports Sunday: Karl Does Talk Show, Superman For MVP,

So who should get the MVP or the defensive player of the year?

(I mean… damn, Wade just keeps hittin them.. Superman?)

LT Stays A San Diego Bolt

LT Stays A Bolt

(does LT even have a sneaker deal? Too lazy to look it up)

Girlfriend helps College Player Get in NBA

Girlfirend Helps Hoopster Get Into NBA

(I think every guy needs a gal to back them in the paint like that)

(hope this don’t end up like and episode on The Game)

Yup, a week later, Vick’s house is still up for sale. Don’t expect his sneakers to ever come out. Whoever got samples of them probably got a 2000+ dollar sneaker in their hands. Anyway… Dwane Wade is STRAIGHT KILLIN THEM right now. And don’t make him mad cause you will loose your 14+ point lead in the fourth quarter (right Knicks?).  And LT man, I am not sure what all the hub-bub is about but I am glad he is still playing. Its always exciting to watch him play.

Also lets give a round of applause to the lady who is helping her boyfriend get into the NBA. I am sure that is not an easy thing to do. now that they did a whole news story on it, you know the haters and just plane jeouls ones are oing to put ideas into her head and is she and her boyfriend is not carefule, it WILL be just like an episode of The Game 9currently on the CW in NYC but moving to BTE I think this fall)

In other news…

NFL Player Hits and Kills Pedestrian

Donte Stallworth while driving hits a father on his way home. This is one of the sad stories that I don’t like posting about, but it happened.  The crash is still being investigated. No one is sure as of yet how the accident went down.

Detroit Pistons owner Davidson dies at age 86

He died in his home. No reasons given for why he passed away.

“We are all deeply saddened by the news of Mr. D’s passing,” Pistons coach Michael Curry said after Detroit’s overtime victory in Toronto. “He’s been a great owner who genuinely cared for players, coaches and employees. He will not only be remembered as a great owner but also as a person who made a difference in many people’s lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. D and the entire Davidson family.”

LeBron scores 51 to show Kings who truly rules

Lebron does it again! This time its to help the Cavs get over the Kings (ironic) for a final score of 126 – 123.

Even more sports incidentals…

Nike loves the NCAA so much that it is making some really cool uniforms for them… Here we go again with the mascots… Mascot fight erupts at game… and you know what? I just don’t understand this: ‘Inexplicable’ U.S. tactics

Some Sneakers Effected, No Shoes Harmed

Dwayne Wade sneaker profile just went up like 50-leven points this week. While I am not a fan of how the sneaker looks, I have to say I am definiatly looking forward to what is in store for the next look. May even add it to the collection.  LeBron is already up there in the sneaker game so his 51 point win over the Kings (again… ironic lol) just adds to the spectical that is Lebron. No shoes harmed in this round… stay tuned for the next one where i am sure one shoe WILL get hurt in the storm lol

Song being played: Cake and Eat It (4:49) – yes I know its not a shoe related/titled song… but after what happened this Sunday, this is the only song that fits LMAO

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