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S&S Sunday Sports Wrap Up: Vick’s House Sold, High profile Players and the Economy

Oh no he didn’t just bounce the ball between my legs!

The Celtics Got A New Dancing Fan

Now this kid can dance!!!

Vicks house (with an elevator that goes up 3 floors) is beautiful and is going for 3 Million. Bu with the economy being what it is, will someone really buy it for that much even if you have money? I mean if you have money, why not just put that stuff IN YOUR OWN HOUSE? lol Won’t that be more cost effective and raise the value of your own house in a neighborhood you know? Hey, just my opinion.

Tiger Woods and other high profile player may be getting a little hurt with the economy being what it is, but the guys really getting hurt are the second teir players and the bench. Loosing most or all of their deals and the possibility of getting paid less in salary as people stop going to games and start doing stuff that is cheaper… like going to the movies for 10+ a person.

Other Sports News:

Giambi plunked 3 times in Athletics’ win

How many times can a guy get hit at the plate? 3 times apparently. It is also apparently a record. I can only imagine why the other team lost if their pitchers couldn’t even throw the ball over the plate correctly. Even the umpire warned them.

Shaq to Van Gundy: ‘Don’t play with me’

Shaq in another war of words? What is he trying to do? Become the next Barkley? Something happened between Van Gundy and Shaq with blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Read about it here.

Even More Sports Incedentals…

Shoud Kevin durant have a nickname and if he doesn’t get one will it effect his sneakers… Ball Don’t Lie has a 10 man rotation of what’s going down in the basket ball world (now with video)…

Some Sneakers Effected, No Shoes Harmed

If Shaq is going to be know as a flopper in his later years, I don’t think his sneaker line will get any more play than it is currently getting. – Jason Terry sneakers were hurt by the bounce dribble between his legs by another player (and then they score like 2 seconds later) but they will be alright. –  Micheal Vicks sneakers is still DOA. – Other than that no other sneakers have been effected and no shoes harmed at all for this Sunday.

Song being played: Sand in My Shoes (4:58)

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