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Which Penny Half Cent To Get? Royal vs Dark Knight

Clash of the Kicks: Half Cent Penny's on Kicks on Fire

(a Clash of the Kicks battle being held at Kicks On Fire)

Kicks On Fire did a Clash of the Kicks a while ago putting 2 versions of the same sneaker against each other. Now me, I really was gonna get the royal due to its true reflection of all 4 sneakers but with my current budget concerns *ahem* I may have to put the purchase of them off. Not to worry because I am sure that there will be many a person who will buy extras and then sell them later for 700+ dollars. So I will be able to get them, just not for 190.

(video on the royal from Kicks on Fire)

(look at 6:26 / 7:46 of the video)

(video on the black on black aka dark knight from SneakGeekZ)

So, since I won’t be getting the historic 1/2 Cent penny’s this Saturday, I will settle for the Dark Knight 1/2 Cent (I call the the Dark Knight as a nick name but they don’t have an official nick). I am hoping that they won’t be limited or anything that will make it difficult to get. I hear that they are very comfortable sneakers and I defiantly look forward to comfortable sneakers (and shoes by the way).

Dark Knight Black on Black HALF CENT PENNY

(goodness me, we need more shots of this sneaker… I WANT THIS!!!)

For all you yungins out there if you are not wearing comfortable footwear, when you get older it will effect your feet, knees and lower back  JUST TO START. I wore a pair of shoes just a bit too long after I should have thrown them out and noticed that my knees started to hurt.

Changed the shoe and all of a sudden my knees are doing better.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the black and black and will do what it takes to get them when it comes out. (I think in May or June… not sure). They are not as colorful as the royal but that’s fine. I will live. lol

2 responses

  1. bigbert305

    I copped these today, take a look on my youtube……

    July 19, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    • Yeah I just saw the video from SneekGeeKz FreidFeed stream… its unbelievable that they just put it out there like that. I hope I can still get the sneaker a few days from now. Wasn’t expecting this to come out until later this year.

      July 20, 2009 at 6:05 am

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