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S & S Sports Sunday: Girls Can Dunk, Vick Released, Injury Madness

What One Injury Can Do... to the entire NBA lol

(a video seen on MSN)

(looks like someone IS GONNA GET BEAT DOWN… with a injury)

Buzzer Beaters, Tiger Woods (did you know he has a line of shoes… uh hmm) looses to Tim Bark, a lost order to a Negro League baseball bat found and yes women can dunk… and not just in practice shots, but during the actual game itself.

Time To Dunk that!!!

(an IN GAME dunk by a lady… but who is she?)

(6-foot-8 basketball star Brittney Griner of Nimitz  Highschool in Texas)

And of course the normal sneaker drama, NBA drama, NFL drama… and maybe some scores, records and other boring details. And of course there will be an accounting of whether any related athletes and the sneakers or shoes they represent were injured during the week.

Shall we begin?

Zoom Vick V - For Micheal Vick the football player.

(as first seen on

Micheal Vick Released To Half Way

Lets start of with Micheal Vick (and his sneakers). Nike canceled his shoe contract… why? Because of something about dogs and death and fighting. Anyway it looks like Micheal Vick is on his way out of prison as he heads toward a half-way house and eventually to his home under house arrest due to overcrowding at the half-way he was held in (more here).

If Vick somehow does well over the next few years, will Nike reconsider him for the sneaker contract? Only time will tell.

18 Year Old Brittney Griner Can Dunk

A young lady by the name of  Brittney Griner has taken over the interwebz with her dunk and play on the court. Can you believe it, she is 18 and she is 6′ 8″ tall with a wing span of 84″ of which is longer that I am tall (I’m 74″ tall… If only I had 2 more inches *starts to cry*)

Here is  clip from Yahoo Sports Rival High Blog:

The 18-year-old with an 86-inch wingspan and size-17 shoes has towered over her peers since kindergarten. To put her height in perspective, only one WNBA player, 7-2 Los Angeles Sparks center Margo Dydek, is taller.

But the reasons for her basketball success extend beyond her mammoth frame. Griner possesses great agility, athleticism and speed. She finished first during the team’s mile run with a time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

That is pretty good considering that usually taller people can not run that fast  (I know it was hard for me except for the 800m and the 1Mile).  Oh and check this out:

Her first in-game dunk occurred two years ago against Northbrook High. Nimitz’s Samone Ballard stole the ball and lobbed a pass to Griner, whose explosive first step allowed her to beat everyone down the court. She capped the fast break with a slam, sending the crowd and team into an absolute frenzy. Ballard celebrated by jumping on Griner’s back.

“I actually took a timeout just to get everybody settled down,” Jackson said.

LMAO I can only imagine. No word on what sneakers she wears… Maybe one of Shaq’s sneakers? Oh and criminals look out cause, “She also wants to become a SWAT unit officer. Inherited from her father, the affinity for law enforcement is something she shares with O’Neal, who has said he will become a sheriff or chief of police upon retiring from the NBA.”

2 NFL players among Fla. missing boaters

Some NFL players are lost at sea and have not reported back in. Hope all work out well.

Wade sparks huge Heat rally against Knicks

D Wage (and his sneakers) beat out the Knicks. The Knicks, as usual, had the lead by 12 points or more at one point during the third quaters and lead in the beginning of the fourth, but then lost it.

It didn’t help that D Wade tasted blood (his own) and just plain got pissed. he scored 6 points in likeless than 60 seconds game time including a 3 pointer.

Sprite Slam - Nate Robinson and the Kryptonate

Kyrptonate could have used his sneakers… and jumped over D Wade, but NOOOOO, all he gets is a technical foul lol They got a video of this game on yahoo sports so if you want, check it out.

Drama… Eagles fans are calmly dealing with Brian Dawkins’ departureWade’s Band-Aids banned…Band Wade LMAO (he could have used it for the Knicks game) No word on any sneakers band aid deal – Tiger Woods looses pretty badly… link includes video explanation.

No Sneakers Hurt No Shoes Harmed

For march 1st 2009 Sunday I have to say not too many sneakers wear injured during the maylay. Vick V was DOA since last year so I won’t count that. Kryptonate still has his status I don’t think his sneaker was harmed by the Knicks loss to Superman (you never make a boyscout mad lol). Tigers shoes don’t get much play in the sneaker or shoe world (so I guess its up to me) but I am sure his brand is still intact for a while to come. And that means so are his golf shoes.

Sunday Sneaker and Shoe Song: KC and the Sunshine Band » Tracks

Boogie Shoes (2:17)

And good night!!! lol

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