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Not Sure About The Look Of These: Marcus Jordan PE Exclusive

Air Jordan 9 (IX) Player Exclusive - Marcus Jordan

(as first seen on Kicks On

Maybe it works well with the uniform or something, or maybe its just the picture, or maybe its because I am not much of a fan of the Air Jordan IX (but the white and black one looks awesome… that’s right I said awesome, live with it), but these don’t look to nice.

By the way, I am not the only one who things this… just look at the comments on Kicks on Fire and other sites from the Fab Five of Sneaker Sites (Sneakerfiles, The Shoe Game, Nicekicks, Kicks on Fire, Sneakernews… if you are into sneakers and you are not going to those sites… then maybe you are not that into sneakers lol). And yeah that colorway is not really a good look for the 9’s (maybe different materials would help)

Maybe cause they look worn???

Nevertheless, you still have to respect the collection that Marcus has. Is it true that he has it cause his dad practically owns Nike and does own Brand Jordan? Yea, but its still an awesome (there is that word again) collection and lets face it, he didn’t have to keep them or show them to anybody.

Boy, I sure wish someone would make a page specifically for Marcus Jordan and his sneaker collection…. *HINT HINT*

So Marus, keep those shots coming!

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