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Looks Like Sports Sunday Will have Some Interesting News

I like basketball. I also like football. I do follow track and field at times and I am into over all health and well being of the athlete in America…

With that said, there are some very interesting things going on in sports and as I am sure, some people who buy sneakers probably actually use them in sports and workouts (who knew?), would like to know what is going on.

Well here is a fun snippit tht awaits the Sneakers and Shoes Sports Sunday:

Indiana promotes manager to, yes, play basketball

What’s worse than losing to Northwestern at home? Losing to Northwestern at home immediately after promoting 5-foot-9-inch team manager Mike Santa to play reserve guard.

Northwestern Indiana Basketball

Source: Yahoo

Wow… So how do you figure they will get out of this? I have some very uneducated opinions… but I am sure my follow readers of this blog is used to that by now lol

I wonder if Indiana has sneaker sponcers???

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