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Holy Breakdown Bat-Man!!! Nicekicks does a breakdown of the Half Cent Penny

Nike Half Cent Hybrid Theory - from

(as seen on

I think anyone who is into sneaker must apprieciate this. Not only do they get a look at a sneaker (of which will cost 190 dollars not including tax) that most people, including me, will get but you also get a look at what makes the sneaker.

I will admit I do not like all the Penny’s that have come out back in the day, but this hybrid is the best of 4 worlds.

Take a look at the whole break down on… its freakin amazing!!!


Air Penny t-shirt from Rock Paper Scissors

(a t-shirt to go with the 1/2 Cent)

(as seen on the Shoe Game)

And the Retro Movement continues…

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