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The New Air Jordan 2009 aka Air Jordan 24

Air Jordan 2009 aka AJ24

(the AJ 2009 as seen on Kicks On Fire… got to read te comments.. funny lol)

Good lawd this is… awesome? LMAO The interwebz isn’t too happy about the sneaker at all and I have to admit I thought these would look better considering the goodness that we got for the Air Jordan 23 (a sneaker I was not very into when I first saw the preview sketches but found them quite attractive once I saw the real pictures)  but that is not the case.

Air Jordan 2009 aka AJ24

(up close and personal… as seen on

I am sure that these sneakers perform like top of the line sneakers and when i read all the stuff about them, it would seem that this was a high priority. But for going to highschool in or strolling down the block to hang out with the fellas, this sneaker just doesn’t seem to cut it very well.

I don’t know… I have to see them in person for real. I like the fact that each sneaker is unique due to its glass like mid-section that take on a different look for each sneaker, and I like the heel (many don’t… but since I am so into all type of shoe, why wouldn’t I like heel? LOL)

And what’s this S23 version crap? It just looks like the black version seen earlier on Sneakerfiles of course without the white I guess… lol

Well on February 14th we will all find out if this is the sneaker for 2009. I do wonder what an all white and red version will look like or a black and red (BRED aka BREaD). Anyway whether people like the AJ2009 or not, I think  2009 being a slow year (the Eggplant Foamposites being the biggest blip of the year).

Air Jordan 2009 CLOSE UP

(unique and favorite part of the sneaker… way more pics at

Currently on sale everywhere for 189.99.  Its 7:30am in NYC right now and you can still get them online… lol But I am sure these will be gone by the weekend if not by the end of the week.


For those who keep saying this is the ugliest Air Jordan ever…

Air Jordan 15

(Air Jordan 15… most hated Air Jordan… Ever???)


Up next… the sneakers of 2008/January 2009 that I wanted but didn’t buy *starts to cry* INCLUDING THOSE CONVERSE POORMAN SNEAKERS BY UNDEFEATED!!!! Gawd I wanted those… and it looks like I might miss the Foamposite Eggplants too next week cause my money is planned to go elsewhere… but I’m going off into a tangent here…

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