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Must Visit: High Heel Shoe Musuem

Caught by surprise??? lol

(as seen on  the High Heel Shoe Museum)

If you are into footwear in general (like I am) or specifically into woman fashion shoes, this is a place you need to bookmark. I am not even close to sure how I ended up finding this place (other than trying o look up Beyonce’s super high heel painful shoe that she can’t seriously wear anywhere other than a photoshoot), but I am glad I landed there.

They have a pretty big listing of normal to exotic shoes that you may want to see. It is also helpful that they tell you the maker and link to where you can get a pair (if they are still selling them).

And have you ever heard of a site called Shoetube??? lol Incredible. I don’t believe it. Oh and don’t forget to check out the featured shoes too. My only critizism of the site is that it needs to be more museum and show more art, descriptions, reviews and such. Make it a real experience online as oppossed to a links archive to where to buy the shoes and who made them (of course that is very important… but I still want more).

Pierre Silber Ballet Super High Heel

(super ouch… picture by Bruce Grey – shoe on Pierre

Too extrmeme for ya??? lol

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