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S&S Sports Sunday: LeBron Cover of GQ Magazine

The 4 LeBrons Limited Edition - Business... nice!

It looks like Lebron is such a great basketball player and he looks so good on the court that he just has to be put on the cover of GQ magazine.

LeBron GQ Magazine Cover

Read the article here… tell me why they also wanted to let you know that he contributed money to Obama, I will never know… maybe it has something to do with being grown (adult with responsibilities and is responsible and active) and sexy (getting the cover of GQ Magazine).

Hope you kids (and adult) out there are watching.

Oh and by the way, the Giants lost to the Eagles. (I blame you Plaxico!!!! Its called a safety for a reason.) I don’t know of any sneakers effected by his loss. The Mets new patch gets flack (again, no sneakers that I know of have been harmed in this action), Decisions Decisions… Rip Hamilton and Allen Iverson Yahoo Video… and yes, sneakers are involved with this decision… it escapes me right now who Rip wears, but I think we all know what Allen Iverson uses (Reebok The Answer 12)

And that’s it for SandS Sports Sunday

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