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The Air Jordan Press Release TODAY – Air Jordan 2009

Air jordan 2009 Press Release - NIKE

So now you know why the shoe looks like a womens heel… cause its based off of a woman US Track & Field Paralympian April Holmes.

Lets look at hot the interwebz took the news conference:

“Let’s come up with a shoe that helps us play better defense,” noted Jordan, speaking of the thought process behind the initial design sketches. “As a defensive player, sometimes the element of surprise comes into play. [The shoe] looks kind of basic, kind of clean, kind of in disguise. But there’s a lot of sophisticated technology in there.” Jordan shook me off with the Michael Crichton-speak like I was a weak-kneed benchwarmer thrown in at the last minute. He continued, “What makes this shoe different from the next? We always try and implement DNA characteristics into the shoe.” And there: I’m gone. I had no idea what he meant by that, and I lost track of the context, but it was probably something either about the history of the shoe or the way it fits your foot. Exactly.

Source: BlackBook Magazine

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Air Jordan 2009

For me, this sneaker is alright. Its not great, but its alright. I think the sneaker blogs got more coverage on this sneaker than the news stations (I just saw Fox NY channel 5 news do a special on the sneaker). this wasn’t the case last year cause they went crazy for the XX3… the Air Jordan 2009? No so much. At least not yet.

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