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Diggin In The Crates: Bun B Track for Black Friday


(as seen originally on

Usually when I am diggin’ in the sneaker crates, I go back at least 5 months ago from either my own blog posts or various other sites (including Sneakerfiles, Kicks on Fire, and The Shoe Game to name a few), but I just had to remind you folks of this… its just cool.

Yeah, I know, I am sure there are other way cooler things that have happened over the past month (including the hyper reaction toward the release of the CDP 11 + 12… man you should have seen the stories and comments about getting that pack LMAO) but I just wanted to remind people of just how cool the idea of coming out with a sneaker that no one has seen become something to line up for… and make a song over… it just sends things to another level.

I don’t know if 2009 will be  a good sneaker and shoe year, but I do look forward to these custom design hypefest releases that I think will take over the sneaker game (I think the shoe game has always had custom releases… but not many people focus on that… well until I came around lol)

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