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HareForce Continues: Air Jordan “Hare” 1 Retro + Other Hare Raising Releases

(of course this has absolutely nothing to do with sneakers lol)

(…well other than Bugs Bunny and the title of the cartoon LMAO)

Air Jordan Collezione Countdown Pack 7 + 16

It all started back when the CountDown Pack release of AJ7 and AJ16… and it is looking like the year 2009 will bring plenty of hare for your feet.

So lets look at the hare air force:

Air Jordan Fusion 6 2009 Collection

(ok, ok, not EXACTLY “hare” colored but its close enough)

Air Jordan 1 Retro Hare

(love the look of the Air Jordan 1 Hare as seen on Nicekicks)

Air Jordan 1 Mid Womens Hare

(the Air Jordan 1 “Hare” based off of Lola Bunny as seen on Nicekicks)

Its looking good. Personally, the AJ7 “Hares” was the second best release (behind the Air Jordan 23 Stealth… and you should see what the Top Ten for me was for men AND women) and the colorway is very nice. You can get away with a grown and sexy look with them if that is what you are aiming for. Now you can have that same colorway on the AJ1 and the Fusion 6’s.

2009 is looking good… not as good as 2008 sneakerwise, but good nonetheless. Pics from (so if you want more detail/pictures go there).

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