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Timberland Gets Earthy and All Environmental Like

Timbo basically is sayin that the Earth and outdoor-ism is what Timberland is all about so why not make products that do not do undue damage to the environment aka Earth. Sooooooo they have introduced the Earthkeepers. You can find these at Macys, Zappos and other sites across the web. Oh and Reuters also wrote something on this too.

How long will this last? I don’t know. Its always a good idea to respect the Earth and the environment we all live in, but just how good will these new cleaner eathier boots are and how much will people like them with Nike and its Nike Boots on its coattails?

Here is the snippet from Timberlands Youtube website (yes, they have a YouTube site):

We at Timberland started Earthkeepers because we love the outdoors. Making outdoor boots, shoes and gear is what we do for a living. No more outdoors means no more living. For us—or anyone else. Of course, we realize that by making our products, we’re part of the problem. We believe it’s time for companies, like ours, to take a look at how the way they do business affects the environment and do something about it. “Earthkeepers” is one way we’re trying to do exactly that.

Source: Earthkeepers Channel

One of Timberland's Earthkeepper Boots

They look good and lets face it, if your climbing and doing the rockies thing, how good should they look before your destroy them?

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