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Sneakers and Shoes Sunday Sports Wrap-Up = S&S Sunday Sports

New Lebron VIIf you haven’t noticed, I have been only posting Sunday – Wednesday. That will probably be my thing for the next year as I enter school, read some interesting business books, and spread the grown and sexy love across the interwebzzzz. Anyway, I decided (a while ago actually but I haven’t emplemented it.. until now) that starting next week, I will have theme posts in the hopes that some of my many 100’s of readers will have something special to look forward to.

Anyway, I figure since most sneakers are used in sports and some sort of exercise, why not talk about sports… and some sort of exercise… every once and a while.

So, here is a little Sunday Sports Wrap-Up giving you the story behind the athlete and the team wearing the sneakers.



Nice. And its not even Sunday!

In the future expect more every Sunday (at least one post). As for the other days, I’m trying for a throwback tuesday (not called that lol), shopping deals, fashion fix, Sunday Shoe Spotlight (for the ladies and gentleman who are grown and sexy), and some other special posts that aren’t just me posting what I see on the internet lol

Until next time!

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