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Awwwww Snap!!! Remember New Colorways For Air Jordan 23

Air Jordan 23 Chicago Bulls in Black Varsity Red

Just in case you SOMEHOW forgot that this Friday will be a big Friday. Not only the Air Jordans and the Fusion 20’s but other sneakers as well that will be classics… but probably not as much as the Air Jordan 23.

I am going to have to dip into my savings for this one. I hope that Eastbay gets the Motorsports. I have to get that one. As for buying the other 2, I just don’t know. The other 2 are defiantly limited and will probably be hard to get anyway.

What’s funny is that I haven’t worn the AJ23’s I already bought. I was planning on doing just that, but it hasn’t worked out. Well, I am hoping that on Friday I will be earing a AJ23.

Man, my wallet is hurting… I got to visit family, get a few gifts, buy my PS3 and get Grand Theft Auto (might have to wait for that one… maybe for my birthday or something). How is it that somehow I am buying 5 pairs of sneaker before New Years starts (two Air Jordan 23’s, Fusion 20 black, 12 +11 Countdown Pack)? Then the new year begins and I’m getting those eggplant Foamposites… and isn’t there going to be a release of the Air Jordan 2K9 (aka AJ 24) in Febuary?
Awe man, somethings got to give.

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