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Kicks On Fires Asks: Which Sneaker Would You Vote For – Air Jordan 1 Retro or AJ 6 Olympics

Air Jordan 1 Retro vs Air Jordan 6 Olympics VOTE - From Kicks On Fire

Time To Vote!!!

Air Jordan 1 Retro Vs Air Jordan 6 Olympics

Air Jordan I Retro

(Air jordan 1 Retro vs Original AJ1)

Air Jordan VI Olympic

(Air Jordan VI)

Me personally, I would choose the Air Jordan 1 Retro’s. If I had the choice, I would pick the original AJ 1’s over the retros AND the AJ 6 Olympics any day of the week… even though I am not too into super high tops.

I would also like to mention that I am soooo tired of seeing patent leather on every other popular sneaker. At the time these came out, I was thinking to myself, “this is getting a little ridiculous” but it ultimately still looked good (but would have looked better without the total patent leather treatment).

Its just barely better than the original OG AJ 6 Olympics.

Anyway, so far the winner is actually not my pick but the other guy. I can only think that the main reason why people are picking the AJ6 Olympics over the AJ1 Retro is because of the patent leather. Nevertheless, for me, the AJ1 Retro still looks better but who am I? Just some blogger who is new on the scene and really interested (and opinionated) in the sneaker and shoe game.

If you want to vote, then get your vote on. I gonna try to follow up on Kicks On Fire’s voting numbers (as well as any other of my Fab Four sneaker sites that I visit) and try to round up “election results”.

Yes, I do think we need change in the sneaker and shoe game. heck, I’mma put up a poll right now: If a sneaker or shoe could be President, who would you pic? Who would would be in the final four?

LMAO The game just got tighter!!!

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