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Lebron VI Commercial “After Six” and “Chalk”

After Six

Nice. I like it. Gotta read the comments at Fuuuuny LOL


You can see more details about it at Sneaker

Looks like the LeBron Six Blitz is on today! I actually saw someone wearing them and they looked alright. I wasn’t too keen on them at first, but I like the more now than I did originally. The guys who put together the colorways for LeBron sneakers must be genesis’s because they can turn sneakers I don’t like into something I want (like the LeBron V). The LeBron VI looks a little beter than the V but for people who have bigger feet (11 and up) they will look like boats.

LeBron Zoom VI Details courtesy of Finishline:

The Zoom LeBron VI, the newest of the signature line, is the most versatile shoe for the most versatile athlete-LeBron James. At 6-foot-8, LeBron can play all five positions. Basketball players need footwear that is not only cushioned but also durable and needs to last the length of the season. The Zoom LeBron VI not only has a full-length Nike Zoom unit in the midsole for the ultimate responsive ride, but also has Nike Zoom double-stacked in the heel. The cushioning system helps the forefoot for transition when jumping. Deep sipes in the shoe allow for natural motion, which means the shoe works with the athlete’s movement, rather than against it. On the collar, graffiti art highlights LeBron’s mantras-passion, family, winning, fearless, and vision.

  • Lightweight natural motion outsole
  • Carbon-fiber cup in the heel for stability
  • Double-stacked Nike Zoom in the heel
  • Full-length Nike Zoom

Full length zoom and double stacked zoom in the heel? Sounds comfortable. You can buy them now at Finishline, Nikestore and

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