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The 4 LeBrons: Wise, Business, Athlete and Kid

I am totally lovin it!!!

The wise business athlete kid is back with the new Lebron 6 (a design I am not too happy about but they sure do come up with some great colorways for the sneaker) and I have to say I am very impressed but the look and the idea.

Why the limited edition!!! Why??? Now I have zero chance of getting them

My personal opinion and view is that whether you are going into business for yourself you should do your best to uplift others, try to educate and enlighten (especially if you are influencing with the kids). Its what I try to do even with this blog (and my other one too). I try my best to talk bout sneakers and shoes but also foot care, rant on why don’t all sneaker companies make width for people with larger/wider feet, exercise rutines (I am working on some posts on that), sneaker business news an so forth.

Sooner or later I try to slip in something health or business related because, after all, you can use those sneakers to exercise and you may want to know just how those companies get that product you like so much.

Anyway, enough with that… LeBron used the 4 LeBrons for a special edition release that will come out October 25. I am such a supporter of the idea of being wise, athetic, business and never growing old (kid) that I will try my best to ge at least 2 of these sneakers.

If you haven’t noticed, I am more into the wise and business ideas (its not that they look the best, its just that is what I am more into). Although if I want to stay healthy mentally (kid aka never grow old) and physically (athlete aka work out and be at your best), I may need to focus on the other 2 characters too.

First peeped this info from Sole Collector)  where you can see more pictures (lots more pictures).

2 things though:

The Athlete – The 4 LeBron’s

why is the athlete version not in the Ohio Cavs colorway? I would think the athlete version should be the Cavs home colorway. then again, it may only represent being “a” athlete and not “an” athlete for someone.

Just a thought.

The LeBron Figurines

I don’t know if they come with the sneaker or not (there were figurines for the last time for the 3’s)… but the next time he does this, I sure hope he includes them.

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