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Lets Talk About Shoe Stores: Hanig’s Footwear

Saw this video while looking for another video on Yahoo that I hope to be posting shortly. I think, while there are plenty of sneaker blog sites (I personally recommend four of them LOL), there are not as many one the fashion of shoes and definaitly on collecting them. I know the ladies collect their shoes like its a religion, but the guys seem more interested in doing the same thing for sneakers only.

I hope I am (along with this blog) will be  the beginning of a change in what you should be focusing on with your feet. Its Sneakers AND Shoes baby!!! If I ever go to one of the sneaker meets, I hope that I can show off at least one shoe or boot in my eclectic collection of sneakers, shoes and pure sports footwear (like track shoes and sneakers made for a specific sport or workout).

Anyway, for more about this store, visit here. Video seen on Yahoo.

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