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Air Jordan Fusion 3 Black and Grey Doesn’t Look Good Up Close

(it looks great here but in real life… not so much)

I was going to get the Fusion 3 with the colorways that reflected the original AJ 3 but when I went to the sneaker spot and looked at the black and grey up close I was not impressed. I was SOOOOO glad I didn’t buy these sight unseen you wouldn’t believe. They just didn’t look that great. I was very dissapointed.

This is why I am not surprised that you can still find them in allot of stores and online easily. You can head over to Finishline (and other sites) right now and find these sneakers in most sizes (except the very small or the very big… as usual). I also got a look at the White and Black and they look a little plain too, but they look way better than the black and grey.

I have seen only one person in NYC wearing the white and black. Don’t know why its not all over the place (maybe because Brand Jordan decided that it will be a limited release) because it does look rather ok, but the black and grey is almost no where to be found considering that it is a general release.

Well, at any rate, these sneakers are still collectibles. While you won’t find them in my collection any time soon, if you are collecting fusions, you probably should get them. I think I will wait for the Fusion 20 white or black (both of them look hawt but I am going to wait and see and go to the store to get them just to make sure).

FYI Nike Store:

Nike store, please take better pictures of what it being sold. If you go an search for the Air Jordan fusion 3 they actually show the gradeschool picture as the Men’s sneaker. The gradeschool AJF 3 does not have the Air Force Supreme sole but the mens version does. When it came to the Air Jordan 1 Olympics, they took a picture of the inside part of the sneaker and not the outside. what is that about???

Nike please make sure the pictures of the highest selling products are correct. And stop using flash for EVERYTHING!!!

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