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On Sale: Reebok Men’s Pump Omni Hex Ride

Hex Rid to the Rescue!!! for 99.99

An interesting sneaker style for those who wish to look a little different. Plenty of colors (well not plenty but more than a few) available for those who wish the have a colorway that matches school colors or casual clothing.

Eastbay has a video on them (very interesting Eastbay) telling you what’s what and so forth. its a nice touch, but I actually want more. I am a advocate of sneaker companies giving me a reason why I should get this sneaker over another one. I mean hey, if I’m not wearing this sneaker just for casual, then I want to know what the sneaker (or shoe) performance will be on the court, on the street, on the track, and so forth.

The sneakers are only available at Eastbay (so they say). The Cost is $99.99. I think these are outdoor sneakers for the warmer months or indoor sneakers because there are allot of open areas in the sneaker.

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