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Yahoo Wants You To Wear Purple…. Pony x Yahoo

(what do you think? as seen on

Now you know companies and personalities (even stores) have been teaming up with sneaker and shoe makers to make exclusive original footwear. Barneys did it, Nike does it, Fila does it, Greedy Genuis does it, Creative Recreation… the list goes for miles. Now, for the first time (and possibly last time the way some people are reacting) we have a search engine and a sneaker company making exclusive kicks for the feets!

If you haven’t gathered from reading my blog for the past year and 2-3 months is that I’m… what’s the word… unique. Special (in the head) and original (my sneaker and shoe collection is the most eclectic mix! I can’t wait to the day when I start showing it off) and opinionated on stuff I may or may not really know much about LOL. So you may not be surprised that I like this particular combo.

Yahoo has a page made specifically for its Purple Movement. I am not sure or not if this will work. The sneaker seems simple enough but it could use something. I do wonder why Pony didn’t use that technology that creates a nice car-like paint shine. That would have been cool.

Take a look at what Pony has cooked lol

Take a look at what Pony has cooked lol

I think the style above would have been a little better (which reminds me, I wanted to get a pair of these City Wings… they should be on sale by now).

Speaking of Purple:


Coming Real Soon: ???

I need these things in my life LOL Not too sure about the Yahoo FTC but the Nike Foamposite “Eggplant”. I don’t have anything purple in my wardrobe anymore, but I will find something lmao

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