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In Fashion news: Jay-Z Takes On Artful Dodger

It looks like Jay-Z wants more than the Roc on his butt.  While I am sure he will still rock the Roc, he will also be very artifully dodging the fac that he will be also wearing Artful Dodger (yes that was a corny play on words).

I am impresssed by this move. I was not aware of it but nevertheless still impressed. No pictures of the new line has come out yet but as soon as I see it, I’ll post about it. Karmaloop has some Artful Dodger… at expensive prices… It looks to me that Mr. Jay-Z will be making a killing with this. I mean t-shirts for 60 dollars??? Pants for 155?

Despite the cost, I like the line and may find some of their clothes under my Chrismas Tree.

I know I would look good in this!!! $155 HELLO!!! That’s Jordan Money Right There lol

I love that look right there. I may get them very soon. And that jacket and that t-shirt too. By the way, why does a t-shirt cost more than 40 Dollars?

First seen on Street Knowledge TV

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