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On Sale: Air Jordan Countdown 1 + 22 = Jungle Fever

Officially on Saturday (but I could have sworn it was supposed to release next weekend) the Ar Jordan 1 + 22 has released. I am not too into these pair of sneakers although the AJ22 actually looks good. I think, in fact that the AJ22 colorway is the best colorway so far seen on the AJ22.

Old Skool Air Jordan 1’s… see the super review in Nicekicks Throwback Thursdays Post

New Skool Air Jordan 1

(funny, there aren’t allot of shots of the 22’s LMAO)

Lets just face it, this pack is the most boring looking thing to come out in high end sneaker market in a while. Most sneakers above the 125+ range have some material or colors somewhere but not here. I don’t expect allot of people to get these (but I was wrong about the AJ Countdown 18 + 5 thinking they would sell out quick cause they are still on the racks and online) but I am sure the people who are collecting all the pack or people who don’t have those black and white AJ 1’s are getting these.

I don’t see me getting these, but if I had money flowing out of my ass, I would get them. But I will keep my money in my pocket considering that I want to buy 2 other AJ packs (the 11 + 12 and the 20 + 3 or the 8 + 15… damn those 15’s!!!)



I think the retro looks better but that is just me. And man, are those real hightops or not? lol Thanks to and Nicekicks for info. Remember if you are not going to the Fab Four of sneaker sites, then maybe you are not that interested in sneakers lol

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