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Olympic Sneakers and Shoes: Air Jordan 1 OLYMPIC

(as seen on Hypebeast via

Just because the games are over, doesn’t mean the olympic sneakers stop. There seems to be almost a flood of non-sports sneakers that have either come out toward the end of the Olympics or after the olympics is done. here is one of the latter.

The Air Jordan 1 is a classic (and somewhat affordable) sneakers from the guy who basically put sneakers on the map (along with rappers like Run DMC lol). The AJ1 has had many variations of the past couple of years in colorways. I personally have 4 different AJ1’s (Old Love New Love, Alpha Omega, and one pair of that baseball pack… of which I should have gotten both) so I think I am AJ1 done, but I think I will be getting these.

You can see more pictures at Nicekicks or at Hypebeast (if you follow the sneaker blogs like I do you can see them almost everywhere, especially the Fab Four)

One response

  1. dickdastardly

    These are nice. Right now I am trying to wear in my Jordan Fusion V Grey Nurse’s

    September 3, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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