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Air Jordan Fusion VI Causes Drama





Not too many people commenting on sites such as The Shoe Game and Nicekicks (126 comments so far!!!) are feeling these sneakers too much. I like them, but I do have to wonder just exactly where is the AJ6 at? I think there is just too little of AJ6 and strangely enough the elements of the AF One is sort of just muted so I can’t say there is too much of the Air Force one either LOL

Much like the Fusion 12’s, I think I have to see these in my hands. I didn’t like the fusion 12’s too much until I saw them and at that point I have to say that I though they were done very well (at the time, I couldn’t figure out why Jordan would pick the 12’s as the first sneaker to “fuse” but now I see what he was doing). I think these will probably…. PROBABLY… look good in person. But we will have to wait and see.

So far though, I think the best fusion that has come out have been the Fusion V. Almost every colorway except 2 were very popular.

Fusion V (5)

Vs. Fusion VI (6)

Which would you pick?

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