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Tory Bursh Gemma Peep Toe – Wow

This one is for the ladies. I do not know how harsh this one will be on your feet, but that is what good footcare is for LOL. I like the way it looks, but I am not sure I would notice a lady wearing them. I think a lady wearing these would have to make sure that her legs are showing (YES!!! LET ME SEE THOSE LEGS).

You used be able to find them on eLuxury (I forget the price but it was up there in the 500+ range) but they are gone. I guess they didn’t make too many pairs of them or they were quite popular.

LMAO they are not Maisons, they are from Tory Bursh and are called Gemma Peep Toe and they cost 350.00. Plenty of sizes left from 6 to 11

You can still check out Maison Martin Margiela shoes on

Just keep in mind the shoe pictured above are from Tory Bursh LOL


I may be wrong about the name of the shoe… I was wrong, sorry Tory Bursh! I told yall I’m backed up in sneakers and shoes LMAO I don’t even remember where I saw this at.

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