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From Nicekicks: Virtual Mo Gets Political… sort of… With Sneakers: Mo-Boma + MoCain

Oh you have the read the info on these sneakers. And just when you think you can’t take “no mo”, he hits you with the other side of things:

LOL @ Mo Cain!!! And the idea to put Mc Cain on “old people shoes” because that is a shoe of his time is just funny (and cool at the same time). If you are wondering who the maker of this shoe is, let me make you feel oh so much better: San Antonio Shoes (made in America)

And you know Nader has to get in the mix and Virtual Mo put him on some green clogs by Birkenstock (I guess its hard to get the word Mo in Nader…  MoNader?) . I’mma gonna let you be surprised and just let you click the link to see that one.

All made by Virtual Mo and are “one off pairs” which means no one else has them and they are not released for public consumption. None of the shoes mentioned or the companies named endorsed making these footwear items and are a artist creation of Virtual Mo (read that on Nicekicks…. I didn’t think they were but I guess you gotta add this type of stuff)

One response

  1. afc

    lol poor mccain, man those are cool, there are some more sneakers here

    January 6, 2009 at 1:35 am

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