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Olympic Sneakers And Shoes: UPDATE – What Usain Bolt Wears – Fastest Man Alive

The Puma Men’s Complete Theseus II Croc $99.99

(I don’t think that this is the sneaker This is not the sneaker because I think the shoe is all gold, but it sure looks like it… I’m sure we will know in a few days)

Pictured above is Bolt winning and Puma grinning with the Jamaica Puma Cell Meio saves the day and may show the sneaker he wears soon

If you want to watch a commercial (that doesn’t even show the sneaker lol what’s up with that?) then click here (why it is on AOL website I don’t know). Here is another teaser video on

Puma commercials from 2006… funny!!! Bolt is in some of them

You can also find out more about what Bolt wears here at Pumas website (

The sneaker looks ok (if it is the Puma Men’s Complete Theseus II Croc). Not great but ok. He also has a more causal sneaker that you can actually wear on the streets. There is a sneaker for Bolt based off the new Puma Cell Meio “street style” sneakers that are pretty interesting to me but I have not seen too many people wearing them.

Special Edition Puma Cell Meio

See More Pictures Here At Freshness Magazine

Oh and yeah, Usain Bolt holds the 100M world record.

The question is, just how fast is he? So far I, nor anyone else, has seen him push it to the limit. He has, so far, let up just before he reaches the finish line (sometimes way before). I’m not too into his show boating either, but hey I remember what I was like when I was 21… and it wasn’t grown and sexy (more like brash and reckless… ok, ok, I was a nerd but you get the point).

I hope he looses some of the show boating otherwise I think he will become the fastest and most disliked man alive.

5 responses

  1. I love the pizazz. It’s sprinting for goodness sakes, not boxing or some other 1 on 1 competition. He gave a good show and celebrated. Give me more.

    August 19, 2008 at 11:21 pm

  2. D-Kyat

    I am proud that a Caribbean man is putting up the numbers htat he is putting for the sport. But Usain needs to stay focused on the race and punch the race to the end, and not “show boat”, because I feel he will be losing out on Major endorsement deals because major corporations would not want to deal with someone that doesn’t display a serious demeanor. But I would endorse the dances after the races, he can do the Bogle Dance or the Wakii Dip when he takes Gold!

    August 20, 2008 at 12:12 pm

  3. I’m all for celebrating and even showing off a little, much like what the Russian pole vaulter did when she won and set a new world record, but I think its clear that all that stuff Mr. Bolt did was overboard.


    Celebrate, win, slow down before the finish line, its all good. Beating your chest before you cross the line, showboating and other non-grown and sexy stuff is just a little too much. I’ll give it to him because he is young and he hasn’t been on the world stage for a while so I can’t be as hard on him as Bob Costas, but I hope he tones it down as he matures into the sport.

    August 20, 2008 at 7:07 pm

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