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You Probably Know This Already: Air Jordan 6 Rings Released

As seen on and a few other sites (Finishline and Footlocker to name a couple). The Six Ring Bred (Bread as I call them… not that I have any authority to do so LOL) is one of the most popular searches on my blog so I am guessing that these will be a sleeper hit (I say sleeper hit because there were not many nice comments about the sneaker for the most part on sneaker blog sites… sort of half and half). There is even a post on it that actually got 52 votes, of which is surprising because Digg is a tech site fo the most part.

I have also seen many people wearing them today, even 2 couples (of which is not that common to see such a thing). People seem to really like tham and I will admit that they look WAY better in person.

WAY better in person.

Details of the sneaker from Eastbay:

The Jordan 6 Rings incorporates key features from each shoe that MJ wore while stacking up the Championship rings for the Chicago Bulls. Celebrate the history of Jordan with this hybrid design that takes its cues from six legendary Jordan shoe styles. It’s made with a full-grain leather, synthetic leather and engineered mesh upper, with details like the lacelock and heel loop from the Jordan VI, a huarache-style inner sock from the Jordan VII and a fuzzy tongue logo and VELCRO® brand fastener from the Jordan VIII. The midsole, a full-length Phylon™ unit with Zoom Air™ in the heel and forefoot, was inspired by the Jordan XIII. The entire upper silhouette gets its design from the Jordan XI while the “TWO3” script on the tongue and metal lace loops on top are taken from the Jordan XII. The outsole is a combination of solid and clear rubber, which created performance traction with superior style.

Source: Eastbay

I love reading these descriptions. sometimes they are really into the sneaker, and sometimes… well lets just say that you get a one line description that basically says that this is a sneaker lol

Here is the breakdown of the sneaker, thanks to

So first we had the Dub Zero, then we had the Spizike, not we have the 6 Ring. I wonder what is next? I think the next time they do this, they should call them Monster Game or something like that (I’m usually good at coming up with names but I’m tires lol). There is another color coming our way in January. Check out what that will look like here.

Air Jordan 6 Rings CONCORD coming soon in October

The Retro Movement continues!


I still say that I need more 14’s in my life. He was wearing them for the last shot and he was a Bull while wearing them and at peak form, so I think as a thank you we should get some black and red DMP (defining moment pack).

3 responses

  1. pjohn

    check out karmaloop’s kazbah page for fashion brand BOBBY FRESH and check out his jordan inspired tees. matches perfectly with you jay’s. use code PN15458 at checkout and recieve 20% off order plus kazbah offers free shipping!

    August 17, 2008 at 2:16 pm

  2. has the Air Jordan 6 Rings.

    August 18, 2008 at 10:19 pm

  3. do u have Jordan Brand Six Rings
    in size 6 and the halt
    i want to buy it 2omorrow

    November 10, 2008 at 12:16 pm

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