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Sooooo… What Was Micheal Phelps and Team Wearing On Their Feet?

The American Swimming Team (Go Team USA!!!) has made history, kept history and broke a new world record while doing it. First of all, I was totally not aware that the US swim team never lost the 400M Swim since the inception of the 400 at the Olympics.

That is ALMOST as interesting  as what they were wearing on their feet (at least to me lol). I had to rewind the tape a few times (and no, they do not swim in footwear but they did walk out in them) to see them and make sure that what I was looking at was what I was looking at.

And I am still not sure lol

Well, this is what I think they had on:

The only problem here is that the sneaker I saw them wearing looked like it had the Nike swoosh on the upper, not on the midsole. Maybe its the next gen?

Here are the details from Nike:

The shoe of champions. Just like the Beijing athletes who take to the medal stand in Nike Air Rejuven8 LE Men’s Shoe, you too, can enjoy this lightweight, cool-down shoe that’s designed to soothe weary feet.

  • Breathable mesh upper for cooling ventilation
  • Lightweight Phylon midsole
  • Rubber pods outsole for excellent traction

100 Dollars is what this will cost you… and it looks really comfortable.

I do have a few un-footwear related questions though:

  1. Why would anybody wear sneakers walking to the pool knowing that all you are going to do is swim?
  2. How did Visa know Micheal Phelps would get 8 Gold metals before he did it? lol
  3. Why does NBC have a chronicle ready for all to buy on  its website…ready to be shipped!
  4. Why, even after all the attention to swimming, will their still be no Aquaman movie/tv show?
  5. Why do they call Micheal Phelps Superman when he is a swimmer and not Aquaman?

Man, Aquaman just can’t get no love!

One response

  1. Tom

    Looks like they’ll be releasing them after the Olympics. The ones he had on during the interview with Bob Costas ( are similar to what you are describing. They look like smiliar these: . Maybe I was seeing things, but I thought the that instead of the diamond shaped pattern, they looked more rounded (maybe shaped like the pattern on the Water Cube in Beijing?). That would be a cool pattern.

    August 18, 2008 at 11:48 am

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