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In Sneaker News: Olympic Sneaker Wars

There is no way that sneaker companies are fighting for the chance to be seen at the Olympics with Olympians wearing their gear (I’m not a swimmer, but I bet everybody and their mother will want a Speedo… just not too sure how far that will carry). There can’t be a battle for the Olympic floor.

Or can it?

According to Black Book Mag (via the Wall Street Journal) Nike and adidas seem to be at war with each other  from sports such as fencing to weightlifting and of course track and basketball. adidas is the official sportswear sponsor of the Games, but that has not stopped Nike from making sneaker for the Olympics (obviously lol)

According to the article, the Nike has 28 different shoes and adidas has 27 (come on adidas, pick up the slack!) of which include table tennis sneakers and slippers for gymnastics… lol I have to post those if I can find them.

HAWT!!! Its not for me, but maybe its for you hmmmm? They need to make a street version of this boot! And what’s crazy about this is that it has zoom technology. I don’t know about you, but it just seems weird to have zoom tech in a boot like this.

You know the best part of this post? A link to a slide show from the WSJ!!! LMAO Who doesn’t love this kind of stuff?

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