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THE OLYMPICS 2008 IS HERE: 08-08-08 and The Sneakers Look Great

(also see the Air Jordan Olympia at Sporting

Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics have started and soon we will be seeing all the athletes footwear styles and designs. What will they wear, whats on it, why, where can you get it, and so forth will be here (to some extent… I’m only one guy blogging for fun here lol)

I know I won’t be able to watch everything like I used to, but I will be taping stuff and watching the basketball game, swimming, beach volleyball, cycling, and track.

By the way, isn’t this funny? YouTube will have the Olympics, but just not in the US Boooooooo!!!! Go ahead and give it a shot, but for those in the us (that includes NYC lol), it won’t work.

Oh and check out this site I found. Nice.

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