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In Sneaker News: If You Bought From Sports Authority Beware – Largest ID theft case ever

An ID case that has penetrated some of the most popular stores including Sports Authority and Discount Shoe Warehouse. 41 million credit and debit card numbers stolen all sorts of stores involved (not just footwear and sports stores I might add including TJ Max, Boston Market, Barnes and Noble). Some info was sold to other criminals and the rest was used to create duplicate cards.

And they did it using wireless networks of the stores.

They have no idea how much was stolen (but even if its low, it can in crease over time because they are now you with your identity) but TJ Max is saying it cost them over 200 million. This is a big deal ladies and gentelmen because we all shop online and we all shop in stores. These 11 individuals are just the beginning to what will be the next level of criminal activity… identity theft.

If you haven’t put your identity on lock yet, I think you should start thinking about it. Check your credit reports (from all 3 credit report bureaus… not point in just checking one) and go to of which is set up by the feds in joint with the 3 credit bureaus (ummm don’t go to free credit because the free isn’t so free after 7 days and no I never used the product but I am HIGHLY suspect of those commercials… even though they are pretty good commercials)

Be careful out there and happy sneaker and shoe shopping!

More info here. You may want to read it.

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