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Trying To Understan How It Works: MBT Women’s Chapa GTX

Weird and expensive sneakers for the ladies… 230 Bucks!!!!

This is an awkward looking sneaker. I do wonder how exactly this works. If it does work so well, why hasn’t anybody thought of it before? And for 240 bucks, its a really expensive experiment to find out if it really works for you or not. I’m not in a position (not yet… but I’m getting there) to buy it and then tell you about it so I guess I’m just going to have to leave it there.

They are interesting. Here is the description from

Every step you take in the MBT Chapa GTX helps tone and trim your legs while reducing strain on your feet, knees, back and entire body. Developed with extensive research, this is not your typical shoe. They are a completely new concept… the first ever physiological footwear. Essentially, they activate your body’s support and postural muscles, which means that your muscles will work more, you’ll have less strain on your joints, and you’ll just plain feel better! The rounded outsole features a key pivot point that generates natural rolling movement in the foot for even weight distribution. The MBT Chapa GTX features a rich nubuck leather and single-layer mesh upper with Dry & Cool mesh inserts for structured yet breathable support. Special antimicrobial treatment on the foam sockliner reduces odor, prolonging the life of the shoe. Glass-fiber shank provides firm support overlaid with an EVA midsole that molds to your foot. Durable, rubber outsole with lightweight cushion and traction.

Gore-Tex is part of the deal too. Weatherproof baby! I have a feeling that these work out and/or casual type sneakers will be popular. Made for walking folks.

Oh and I don’t know who is MBT… research that later.

2 responses

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