The Life and Culture of Kicks

I Need Pockets On My Sneakers: Vans SK8-HI LX Cargo

I LOVE THIS!!! I may get it just because it has a pocket. For years when i was in elementry school, I was sooooooooooooo into Kangaroo sneakers. You may or may not remember them, but I loved them. I made up reasons to use the pockets LOL I would put my key in them, a ring, my allowence… my 5GB SD card… oh wait they didn’t have those then lol

While I am not sure if many body would consider these a collectible, but I like it and now I have to figure out how I will get them. Maybe if I cut out eating out for lunch? I spent 50 bucks last week for stuff that I didn’t have to buy if I brought lunch with me… totally unnecessary.

The sneaker costs about 80 bucks so if I can bring my lunch to work, I can get them… but I love going to Subways.

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