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You Know What? These Looks Really Goood: NAS x Fila Italia High

You know, at first I though this would end up being… I don’t know… LAME AS HELL, but the sneakers actually look REALLY good. Not great, but good.

(more pictures at

I haven’t bought a pair of Fila’s since 1998. I don’t even remember the name of them nor do I remember what happened to them (I always remember what happened to my sneakers from leaving them in my locker to rot in school or to slice them in half to see the air bubble… of which was not there even though it said NIKE AIR LOL). I liked them because they had really soft leather and they were on sale.

That was the first and last Fila in my closet though. I don’t know, Fila just isn’t me and it isn’t my style. But these Nas x Fila’s are making me think hard about buying me some Fila’s.

Check out the promo bus as seen on The Shoe

(you gotta see this!!! I wanna see this in my neck of the woods)

I truly hope hope that this goes over well. I wasn’t looking for these sneakers today, but I will be looking out for them during the week to see if anybody is wearing them. Man, I can’t wait to school starts so I can see what the kids are wearing. That will be helpful to see what is popular (at least with the kiddies).

More on The Shoe and so go check them out… and read those comments because they are always interesting (to say the least lol).

One response

  1. Tremayne

    I like Nas and he really wears cool stuff.

    October 9, 2008 at 10:29 am

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